Upper Back Pain

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Upper back pain and tension is a very common scenario for humans living with a modern day lifestyle. Most of the time, the ...

Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain and tension is a very common scenario for humans living with a modern day lifestyle. Most of the time, the problem lies within the spinal or muscular structures, or both as a result of long standing repetitive strains and sprains.

We have 12 joints on each side of our thoracic spine, with a large number of muscles all attaching to the spine which hold our shoulder blades in position and hold the spine upright. But with repetitive work, we easily get wrong something as simple as keeping our spine and shoulders ‘up straight’.

When we bend, sit, stand for too long, we try to find the path of least resistance and slump our posture which creates tension in muscles and stiffness in joints.

What we specialise in at Innervate Chiro is finding the underlying structural cause why you’re having problems with pain, stiffness and posture. The problems can be;

  • Too much thoracic curve
  • Not enough thoracic curve
  • Thoracic scoliosis (side curve)
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Forward head posture
  • Whiplash
  • Stress
  • Lifting injuries

Often a misalignment or dysfunction of the spinal bones our shoulder blade are the biomechanical problem waiting in the background, which leads to a breakdown at some point. They are designed to work in a particular position, taking a specific amount of pressure throughout your life. When they are overloaded, they breakdown, degenerate and injure other nearby structures, leading to restriction of movement and pain. There are also a large number of nerves that leave the spine in the thoracic spine which control and regulate all of your ORGANS and begin to change their function under stress which can significantly affect your health and well-being over time!

By restoring proper function of the spine and releasing overworked muscles, we can return the nervous system to a state of equilibrium and allow the body to begin to heal itself. Postural correction and stabilisation also play a vital role in correcting the problems that cause the overload, once normal function is restored.

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