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Vertigo is the false sensation that you are spinning or moving when you are in fact stationary.


What is it?

Vertigo is the false sensation that you are spinning or moving when you are in fact stationary. It differs from “dizziness” or light-headedness in that patients usually describe it as more violent than feeling dizzy, and patients normally need to sit down and often hold onto something until the episode of vertigo stops, which can take up to about 15-20 seconds . Causes of vertigo are varied and whilst ‘benign’ causes make up about 99% of cases, there is always the chance for the cause to be something more sinister. It is important for the patient to be assessed thoroughly as soon as symptoms occur.

Some common causes include a middle ear infection, which is usually caused by an infection that travels up the eustachian tube from the sinus after suffering from a cold or flu, which disrupts the normal function of the ear’s balance sensors. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) occurs when crystals that lie within semi-circular canals with the bone near the ear become blocked and are unable to reset when the head changes position, which changes the signals the brain receives compared to what the eyes see. Meniere’s disease is a condition that occurs due to abnormal fluid build-up in the inner ear that results in balance disturbance, hearing loss, and often headache and vomiting episodes. The treatments for these causes of vertigo may vary between medication and physical maneuvers that help to remove or reduce the physiological issue causing the vertigo.

How can Chiro help?

The most common cause of vertigo is upper neck joint dysfunction. This produces nerve irritation which can have an effect on the balance sensors and result in bouts of vertigo. Being a neck joint problem, this is something Chiropractors treat on a daily basis through neck and spinal adjustments – which normally have a positive outcome at Innervate ChiroWoolloongabba. Chiropractic is a good treatment option for treating vertigo – make sure you tell your doctor about your symptoms and they will work on a specific plan to get you feeling better and living each day with ease.

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